Excerpt from 2014 Condition Study
Prepared by Clinton Brown Company Architecture
617 Main St. Buffalo, N.Y. 14203

The concept to re-use this building as an Arts Center has good prospects for several reasons:

• The proposed use, an assembly place for education and culture, is a good fit with the historic use, requiring limited modification to the existing historic building.

• The building will serve the community once again and the use complements the surrounding areas

• An Arts Center can showcase local and regional artistic talent of all ages.

• Placing an Arts Center here will help portray Bath as a place of the arts in its role as an important southern gateway to the Finger Lakes region.

• Arts and cultural facilities, especially those in historic buildings, have a track record of success in attracting desirable visitors from out of town as well as serving local residents.

• Live/work artists’ studios and apartments, well managed, would be suitable and financially sustainable.

• The gymnasium would serve multiple gymnasium, events center and theater uses, and the cafeteria would be exhibition and community space, with potential re-use of the kitchen for food service.