The Save the Lyon Commission (STLC) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization formed in 2003 in Bath, New York, to prevent the demolition of the historic Dana Lyon School building and Primary Annex, and to bring the buildings back into use for the benefit of the community. Both of these buildings have historic landmark designation in the National Register and New York State Register, and were listed on the Seven to Save properties by the Preservation League of New York State in December 2006.

In 2006 and 2014, the Clinton Brown Architecture/Rebuild Company toured both buildings with members of the STLC, and declared them to be in remarkably good condition despite signs of vandalism and insensitive salvage efforts.

The Primary Annex was built in 1900. It is legally owned by the STLC, and at the request of the Waterman heirs, descendants of Ira Davenport, will be the home of the Waterman Center for the Arts.

The larger Dana Lyon School building, built in 1923, was owned by a development corporation which had threatened to demolish it. The STLC is now moving forward with plans to use the building for a variety of purposes. Proposed uses include satellite college classes, fine arts and traditional crafts instructions, cooking classes, agricultural education and activities in conjunction with the Steuben County Fairgrounds, supervised youth center, theater space, and an alternative library of materials supporting these interests.

Bath, NY pioneer Charles Williamson had great plans for Bath to become a trading metropolis. Although this was not the ultimate destiny of Bath, this early founder had the foresight to establish Bath as the county seat. The STLC believes that Bath can become more than a center for local government. By preserving and thoughtfully reusing the historic school buildings at the center of the village, Bath will once again be a center for culture and education as Charles Williamson, Adam Haverling and Ira Davenport so generously provided for in the past.

About Us

Save-the-Lyon Commission, Inc. Mission Statement:

The Save-the-Lyon Commission, Inc. is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the Dana L. Lyon School site, comprising two historic anchor buildings located in the registered Historic District of Bath, New York. The commission recognizes that saving this site will play an integral part in the revitalization of our village.

Waterman Heirs

During June of 2004, two of the five Ira Davenport heirs traveled to Bath: Pamela Waterman Gale, with her husband Chris, and Mary Waterman Lunt with her husband, Bill. During their visit, they toured the school site as well as several other sites of local interest connected with their family history, such as the Ira Davenport Hospital and the Davenport room located in the Magee House. The Ira Davenport heirs filed suit to save the old portion of the Dana L. Lyon School site. On February 3, 2007 the Court of Appeals decided in favor of the Waterman heirs. The primary annex was then rendered by the Save-the-Lyon Commission, Inc. from the Waterman heirs. The Waterman heirs expressed their interest in preservation, education and arts. With their continued support the Save-The-Lyon-Commission, Inc. intends to create a center for arts and education.

Seven to Save

In 1999, the Preservation League began a statewide endangered properties list. The list, named “Seven to Save”, is intended to draw attention to historic places that need help. Placing an historic property on this list denotes that it is worthy of special attention, extra effort, and new resources to secure its future. The Preservation League is pledging their help.

In 2007, on behalf of the Preservation League, their President, Jay DiLorenzo, Chairman Christopher Holbrook, and all trustees, announced the listing of the Dana Lyon School on the New York State “Seven to Save” list.

2020 Officers
President:  Walt Longwell
Vice President:  Patty Gurecki
Treasurer:  Donna Gerych
Secretary:  Julie Rock

Board of Directors
John Bryson
Betty Gerych
Rick Machuga
Nick Pelham
Bernard Zawrotny

Site Plans

Excerpt from 2014 Condition Study
Prepared by Clinton Brown Company Architecture
617 Main St. Buffalo, N.Y. 14203

The concept to re-use this building as an Arts Center has good prospects for several reasons:

  • The proposed use, an assembly place for education and culture, is a good fit with the historic use, requiring limited modification to the existing historic building.
  • The building will serve the community once again and the use complements the surrounding areas
  • An Arts Center can showcase local and regional artistic talent of all ages.
  • Placing an Arts Center here will help portray Bath as a place of the arts in its role as an important southern gateway to the Finger Lakes region.
  • Arts and cultural facilities, especially those in historic buildings, have a track record of success in attracting desirable visitors from out of town as well as serving local residents.
  • Live/work artists’ studios and apartments, well managed, would be suitable and financially sustainable.
  • The gymnasium would serve multiple gymnasium, events center and theater uses, and the cafeteria would be exhibition and community space, with potential re-use of the kitchen for food service.

Haverling Alumni

What will the Waterman Center bring to Bath?

Something entirely new and different in our village, with opportunities for anyone to learn about and participate in a variety of arts.

Please help us bring the Waterman Center for the Arts to the heart of downtown Bath. Our goal is to raise $75,000.00. Your donations are essential to our success.

Have fun with this and challenge another class or the former faculty. No donations are too small (or too large!).

Check out the Fundraising page for more information about this all-important effort.

Make checks payable to The Save the Lyon Commission. Donations are tax deductible. The Save the Lyon Commission is a 501(c)(3) organization.

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Would you like to be a part of our “Haverling Alumni in the Arts” listing?

Whether you are a professional, an amateur, a collector of art, or just enjoy and support a particular art form, send us a little biography of your adventures in the arts.

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Pamela R. Tanger
Class of 1969

Patty Rice Gurecki
Class of 1974

Beva Chissom (Meagher)
Class of 1975

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If you are interested in becoming a member of the Save-the-Lyon Commission, Inc., download the membership form, open the interactive form (double-click the file), fill out the form and click the submit button at the bottom of the form to email it to us.

Thanks for your interest in the Save-the-Lyon Commission — we look forward to hearing from you!

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