Memorials, Honorees and Donors


William S. Townsend for Ruth M. Brooks
Stephen Makitra, Jr (Sam) for Stephen Makitra, Sr.
William and Arlene Brundage for Grattan H. Brundage (Class of 1914)
Keith M. Dewey for L Flo Dewey
Ella Barkley for Ben Dorsey, Sr.
Ina Mae Wakefield for deceased graduates (Class of 1951)
James W. Shultz for Edith A. Shultz
Eleanor Erway for her father Vern Shattuck (former DLL school bus
Edna Friedland for David Friedland
Elwyn and Eleanor Erway for David Friedland
Charlene Stewart for Erma Wethey
JoAnn and Robert Brundage for Ernestine L. Biehl
Lucia J. Brown for Charles F. Brown
Dorothy and Jerry Hobbs for Gaile Kropp Jourden, William P. Jourden, Dean Kropp and John Kulikowski


Laurene Grimes for Evelyn Matthews
Martha Treichler for “Save-the-Lyon Comission”
Richard and Loraine Tyler for Walter Longwell
Dorothy Ames Pomero for Freal Ames
Jerry and Dorothy Hobbs for Rosalie Niemczyk
Violet Castrilli for (Class of 1941)
Ray G. Gibson III for James & Ray Gibson
Baroody Family for Joseph & Janet Baroody


Walter Longwell
Norma Haskins
Helen Brink
Freal and June Ames
Norma J. Shugars
George and Marjorie Walike
Dawn DiDelia
Ray and Ferolyn Swain
Trula Thompson
Margaret Hogan
Ann H. Voght
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Markham
Robert D. Greisa
Joseph & Patricia Baroody
Jeanette N. Brown
Donald Long